“Will all quantitative treatent of mental processes be out of the question then? By no means! An important factor seemed to be susceptible to measurement: I refer to the time required for simple mental processes.”

These words were written in 1868 by F. C. Donders who first established that the time a person took to perform a mental process revealed something about the way his mind worked. He discovered what he termed invisible thought processes by measuring the time between presenting a subject with a stimulus and the subject’s response.

Almost 150 years later, in 1998, the Implicit Association Test was born. It allows a test designer to measure attitudes and biases in a non-falsifiable fashion among test-takers. Whether you’re interested in sniffing out these invisible thought processes, these gut reactions that lie below the surface of the conscious mind or whether you wish to ferret out unpopular biases ranging from racisim to pedophilia, the best instrument available is the Implicit Association Test.

I urge you to take the sample tests you will find links to above to discover some of the practical applications of the IAT.

What do I offer? I do not offer to make you an Implicit Association Test. I offer you a piece of software that allows you to create your own. Administer a test to your employees and correlate it with evaluations to justify screening future employees with it. Develop an IAT that measures package preference. Perform research in any number of fields.

The software is available for free evaluation. You have nothing to lose but the time it takes to puruse the manual.

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